AtPlumel, we guarantee the quality of our products through the use of two quality control programs. First, the Good Manufacturing Practices(GMPs) system ensures our manufacturing standards are up to date and in accordance with current law. Second, the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program breaks our production down into components and identifies control points to prevent any type of contamination. These two programs are identical to those which manufacturing facilities in the United States use. Our facility is registered with Brazil's “Ministério da Agriculturaunder SIF 1907, and the United States Food and Drug Administration. We are the sole rightful owners of , Verdalin, and Bzbee's Natural Products brands in Brasil and the United States.
COUNTERFEIT:  Recently we have discovered falsifications of our products in the market. Falsifying a dietary supplement (goods which you consume) is not the same as imitating goods that are not ingested. Serious health hazards can occur with the consumption of products produced by facilities that are not registered with or regulated by the government. As a concern for the health and safety of our clientele and friends, we ask that you quickly and easily verify your purchase to ensure that it is an authentic product.

Original products:
  • - are only produced by Plumel Indústria e Comércio Limitada, CNPJ: 00523601/001-89.
  • - are the only products registered with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture.
  • - are the only products legally trademarked in the U.S.A.
  • - contain the SIF 1907 on the label and the left hand side of the box.
  • - have our identifying Plumel logo imprinted on the inside of every box.
  • - contain a holographic sticker with the logo and the SIF 1907.
  • - will only be manufactured, distributed and sold if it surpasses our rigorous quality analysis.
The quality of anpropolis extract is guaranteed and is composed of four major components:
  • 1) Flavanoid content is always above 5mg/ml.
  • 2) Concentration is always above 60% Brix.
  • 3) Dry extract is always above 12.5%
  • 4) Maturation period of at least six months.
    We standby and assure the quality of our products, but are not accountable for any counterfeit products or potential health hazards these imitations may cause. Please ensure that your purchase is an authentic product.