Bees not only provide us with food by pollinating our plants, but they also provide us nature's best nutrients. For centuries humans all over the world have collected PROPOLIS , POLLEN , HONEY , and ROYAL JELLY from bee hives. These bee products contain many of nature's pure ingredients that are beneficial to the human body.
    PROPOLIS is found anywhere in the world where bees exist. It is a resinous substance compiled from plants; specifically flowers, leaf buds and tree barks. The best propolis in the world, green propolis, is produced only in Brazil. This is due to Brazil’s rich foliage and extreme biodiversity of native flora and fauna. Disease from dense growth and a wet climate is a constant threat plants must be ready for. There are a large number of small preditors which plants also must protect themselves from. They have had to develop potent protection mechanisms, which the bees collecect in the form of propolis resin. This resin contains the many beneficail chemicals which the plants create to defend themselves from preditors and diseases. Green propolis is most known for its high content of vitamins and flavanoids, and its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Bees carry these resins on their hind legs and use it to produce a glue-like substance to strengthen and protect their hives. Propolis is derived from the Greek word “pro” meaning before and “polis” meaning city - in other words, "defender of the city". With so many bees living in a single hive, it is important that all bees and their community are clean and healthy. Bees use this “glue” to line their hives, which acts as a sterilization barrior. This keeps the inside of the hive clean and also allows them to sterilize themselves by brushing against the propolis lining. Intruders sometimes penetrate the hive and are killed by multiple bee stings. However, if these dead trespassers are too large for the bees to remove, they are left in the hive. A decomposing intruder can contaminate and destroy the entire colony so bees use propolis to mummify and seal any threats.
    Many cultures consider Propolis to be an immune booster and have effects similar to those of Echinacea supplements. Scientists have begun studies of Brazil’s green propolis to investigate its potential anti-tumorous effects. Propolis can be ingested (in liquid and/or capsule form) as a health supplement, or applied topically to take advantage of its antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Due to its abundant attributes, propolis is also found in many commercial cosmetic and healthcare products (i.e. toothpaste, creams, chewing gum, and more).
     BEE POLLEN is the pollen gathered by bees from a wide range of flowers. The flavor of pollen varies depending on the flowers it is gathered from, and is comprised of extensive food nutrients. This little gift from nature is packed with protein, vitamins and energy! People often choose to replace multi-vitamins with bee pollen as their source of nutrients. Bee pollen is great for maintaining elevated energy levels throughout the day. Our pollen is sweet and fragrant with a very mild taste.
    HONEY is the sweet, syrupy liquid that bees make from flowers’ nectar. It is the food that nourishes honeybees and provides them with continuous energy. In addition to being a natural unprocessed sweetener, honey carries traces of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. Honey can be used as a natural sugar-substitute at any time. Honey can be used to make a myriad of baked goods and beverages: mix with fresh lemon juice and hot water for a natural tea, or with cold water and lemon juice for a tasty and refreshing lemonade.
    ROYAL JELLYis the food of the kings! This food is secreted by special worker bees and given exclusively to bee larvae destined to be queen bees rather than regular working bees. This royal food is high in B-complex vitamins , minerals , enzymes , amino acids , antibacterial and antiviral components, and is the only source of pure acetylcholine, which plays an important role in memory functions. Royal Jelly is highly nutricious and is often ingested to increase energy. It is also found in many beauty products.